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Holiday Discount Puzzle 2014

Fifth Annual Holiday Discount Puzzle

Solve this puzzle for 10% off any order!

December is here once again, and that can mean only one thing: it's time again for the Pavel's Puzzles annual Holiday Discount Puzzle! Solve this puzzle and submit the answer along with any order for the rest of 2014 and you'll receive a 10% discount on your order. Even better, you can use your discount over and over again, on as many orders as you like before the year's end!

This year, the discount puzzle is a classic word search, reimagined through the lens of Pavel's twisted mind. Your first step is to assemble the word-search grid from the eight pieces you'll find by clicking on the image at the right. All of the details are given in the linked PDF file. Good luck!

Once you’ve found the discount code, make any order at http://www.pavelspuzzles.com and enter the code in the “instructions to merchant” space at PayPal. When we get the order, we’ll issue you a refund for 10% of your order amount (excluding tax and shipping). And remember: you get that same discount for every order you make through the end of 2014!

To sweeten the discount deal and further whet your puzzling appetite, let's take a look at five new puzzles added to Pavel's Puzzles this year.

In the “12th Piece” Puzzle, you fit twelve blue pieces and twelve white pieces into the tray to recreate the iconic emblem of Seattle football fandom. Are you loud enough to solve this puzzle and cheer on the pride of the Northwest?

From the mind of Singaporean designer Goh Pit Khiam comes Dancing Shoes, winner of the prestigious Puzzler's Award at the 2013 International Puzzle Design Competition. This delightful and elegant creation truly lives up to its name. Can you manipulate the four shoes and one cross to fit them all into this partially covered frame?

It's been nine long years since Pavel produced his infamously deceptive “Sleazier” puzzle, but the idea for a worthy successor to that challenge finally came to him in a dream. When you take on the Eccentric's Dream, though, you may discover that his dream is your nightmare!

This is what happens when Pavel takes on the classic “edge-matching” puzzle form: he's created Pair-Shaped, a new multi-level solving experience, ending with a satisfying one-word answer. Can you escape harm while playing with matches?

Oh, what a tangle Pavel did weave, when first he practiced to deceive! Weaving together the 20 strips that make up X Games only begins the games you'll play as you wend your way through to the one-word final answer in this multi-level solving experience!

Naturally, all of our many earlier puzzle designs are still available as well. The Pavel's Puzzles holiday discount puzzle is a perfect way to satisfy (or frustrate) that puzzling person on your gift list (or perhaps yourself!) while saving a little cash at the same time.

Happy holidays, from Pavel's Puzzles!

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