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Holiday Discount Puzzle 2012

A Holiday Discount Puzzle

Solve this puzzle for 10% off any order!

Well, this is the third year in a row for the Holiday Discount Puzzle, so I guess now it's officially an Annual Tradition around here!

For those of you just joining us this year, in honor of the holiday season, I've created a puzzle that you can solve to earn a discount on any order here at Pavel's Puzzles. To get started discovering the 2012 holiday discount code, cut out the eight squarish pieces linked to by the image below. Arrange them in the eight positions in the diagram also shown there, without overlapping, such that some of the heavy black lines form a complete diamond shape; some other lines will stick out in various places. The letters on the pieces must remain right-side up.

There is only one solution to this challenge. Once you’ve found it, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble at all figuring out the holiday discount code. To use it, make any order at http://www.pavelspuzzles.com and enter the code in the “instructions to merchant” space at PayPal. When I get the order, I’ll issue you a refund for 10% of your order amount (excluding tax and shipping). Even better, you get that same discount for every order you make before the end of 2012!

Continuing to follow tradition, I've just released a whole bunch of new puzzles on the website for your holiday shopping excitement:

Any good mason knows: when laying bricks, you don't want the cracks in one row to line up with those in other rows. Can you satisfy The Bricklayer's Challenge, or will you end up banging your head against this wall? Mathematician and writer Barry Cipra showed off a huge wooden version of this at the Gathering for Gardner last Spring, and now I've brought a more portable, and more colorful, version to the website!

At first, Trail and Error seems to be just a little jigsaw puzzle, and it is, but it's a tricky one, and that's just the beginning of the solving experience! My 10½-year-old nephew handily solved his version of this one; can you do as well with yours? This puzzle is especially great for that jigsaw fan on your list that you'd like to push just a little ways off their well-worn trail.

What if you left some beer bottles out in the sun too long, and they melted and slumped all over each other? And what if you could take that pile apart and put it together again? Each Dali Bottles puzzle sculpture is custom-made for you from real beer bottles by Oregon glass artisan Sarah Gage-Hunt. It will baffle and intrigue your guests for a long time to come!

I've discovered that I really enjoy creating custom-designed jigsaw puzzles, and now I'm officially bringing that offering to Pavel's Puzzles! I'll use your photograph or other design and I'll work with you to incorporate a set of 'special' representational pieces to make your puzzle a one-of-a-kind delight for the intended recipient!

Of course, I still offer all of my earlier designs, too. My holiday discount puzzle is a perfect way to satisfy (or frustrate) that puzzling person on your gift list while saving a little cash at the same time. Just imagine the look on their face when they find one of these puzzles in their stocking!

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