Hints for the Octamaze puzzle


The Octamaze puzzle consists of eight triangular pieces, shown below, each along with its unique identifying number:

Note that two of the pieces, "310" and "301", have very similar names, so don't get them confused in what follows. I've named all of the pieces by listing the numbers etched on them in clockwise order.

Each side of every triangle has either a tab or a slot, and each tab or slot is either wide or narrow. Aside from the obscure numbers, words, and arrows etched on the pieces, and the swiss-cheese-like holes perforating them, the puzzle comes with no instructions beyond these words on the package label:

The final answer has four letters. Can you find it?

This page is devoted to providing hints for solving the Octamaze puzzle. I've arranged the hints in the order they'd be used during solution, and I've only put one hint on each page, so you can stop reading whenever you've got enough to make progress on your own again.

Hint #0: How to get started