The Librarian's Almanaq

You have never seen a puzzle book like this one!

The first instructions in this very odd book tell you how to identify some 64 pages, scattered throughout the book; after you find them, your next job is to tear them out of the book!

Yes, really!

You then solve one big puzzle using those pages, taping them edge-to-edge as appropriate according to the instructions. When you finish that, the answer will bring you back to the book, where you’ll learn how to find the pages of eight more puzzles, also scattered throughout the book, and you tear out those pages, too!

When you solve those eight new puzzles, their answers will combine together to bring you back to the book one more time, where you’d better not have torn out anything else! You’re going to need all those other pages right where they started in order to solve the final puzzle!

This incredible volume is intended for group solving, by between four and ten people (though it can, of course, be solved by a single, particularly dedicated and/or less social individual). All you need are pens, scissors, tape, and a duck.

Yes, a duck. I wouldn’t kid about something like that. (Some substitutions are naturally possible, if you hate fun.)

This is a great way to spend a weekend with friends!

The Librarian's Almanaq

6 by 9 inches, 280 pages, softcover
Difficulty:  (Tricky)
$20 each