Adalogical Ænigma #39

Greetings, gentle solver!
This page is devoted to resources associated with the thirty-ninth in my series of Adalogical Ænigmas. For a copy of the ænigma paper itself, click on the image below:

Solve my ænigma online!

For those of you of a more modern disposition, Mr Curtis has prepared a page at which you may solve my ænigma without first needing to inscribe it onto paper! I would be ever so grateful for any written comments you might have on this solving experience. Please direct your responses to my associate, Pavel Curtis (at

We have a winner!

My associate Mr Curtis and I have performed our monthly random drawing from among all those who sent us the correct final answer to my ænigma, and the lucky winner is ...

Mr Geoff Bailey of Sydney, Australia!
For his prize, Mr Bailey receives a free copy of the puzzle X Games, cleverly designed and manufactured by Mr Curtis!

Ada has published a book!

Yes, that's right: Ada has created a book collecting the first twenty-four of her ænigmas, along with author commentaries, full solutions, explanations of all of the Easter eggs, and a host of other fun features!

We recently concluded a Kickstarter campaign to support publishing that book, and it went great! Not only did we hit our initial goal, but we also funded the launch of a brand-new puzzle series, the Ænigmatic Addenda! (We'll be putting up more information about that series here soon, but in the meantime you can read about it on our Kickstarter page.)

If you would like some advice or assistance in solving my ænigma, I pray you will not hesitate to contact my associate, Pavel Curtis (at for immediate relief. If there is sufficient collective need, I am more than open to making available a page of pedagogical aids.
With sincere hopes that my ænigma will provide you with delight and edification,