Adalogical Ænigma #21

Greetings, gentle patron!
This page is devoted to resources associated with the twenty-first in my series of Adalogical Ænigmas. For a copy of the ænigma paper itself, click on the image below:
For those of you of a more modern disposition, my dear colleague Mr. H. Ryan Jones has prepared a page at which you may solve my ænigma without first needing to inscribe it onto paper! Mr. Jones and I would be ever so grateful for any written comments you might have on this experiment. Please direct your responses to Mr. Jones and my associate, Pavel Curtis (at and, respectively).
If you would like some advice or assistance in solving my ænigma, I pray you will not hesitate to contact my associate, Pavel Curtis (at for immediate relief. If there is sufficient collective need, I am more than open to making available a page of pedagogical aids.
With sincere hopes that my ænigma will provide you with delight and edification,